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The Energetic Lineage
of Vajra Reiki

Vajra Reiki has an interesting Energetic history.

It came into existence through a series of changes in both Energy and System.  Iris Ishikuro - one of the 21 Usui Reiki Masters trained by Mrs. Takata - conducted the first transition, by which the Reiki and Johrei energies were fused together.

Ishikuro was already an Usui Reiki Master, when she became a Johrei Fellowship Practitioner.

Energetically, Johrei is distinctly different from Usui Reiki. It is very "hot" and has been described by some recipients as "almost wild yet very loving." It is said that Johrei treatments have ameliorated nuclear-related burns and sickness, as well as other significant health issues.

It is believed that through her consciously-willed blending of Johrei and Reiki energies, Ishikuro created a new form and method of Reiki - which eventually became known as Raku Kei Reiki ...

Arthur Robertson, one of Ishikuto's students introduced a number of additional methods and philosphical aspects to Reiki, and it is believe he actually coined the term "Raku Kei Reiki." It is also sometimes referred to as "The Way of the Fire Dragon."

In fact, there is a process called Fire-Dragon Breath utilized during the Attunements.

Raku is the vertical energy flow in the body - while Kei refers to the horizontal flow of energy.

A texan, named Jim Davis, was one of the Raku Kei Reiki Masters trained & empowered by Robertson. He greatly simplified the system, and revealed a new Master Symbol - which has lightning-like, adamantine quality to the energy.

Davis called this new system Johrei* Reiki to distinguish it from other branches, and more closely associate it with its roots, as he perceived them.

There were actually several Robertson-trained Raku Kei Reiki Masters who broke away, and began teaching the system as Johrei* Reiki. A few simply called it Reiki.

'Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin'

In the spring of 1994, I received Johrei* Reiki Master training & Ability in Napa, California, from Joy & Laurie - two Masters made by Kathleen, a contemporary of Davis.

During the 2 1/2 day course, we were given four Attunements, receiving four symbols - three resembling the Usui Reiki Symbols, with the Master Symbol being the one James Davis used, in lieu of the Usui Dai Ko Myo.

There were copies of the Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin emblem posted throughout the classroom.

As with most other Reiki branches, we were told the beautiful Usui MythStory, and given a nice version of the Reiki Precepts.

Unlike most other branches of Reiki, one's Johrei* Reiki Master is not their physical teacher. There was a guided meditation process, during which the students met their actual Reiki Master.

Within one week of the Napa class, I began channeling a non-corporeal entity - a completely new experience for me. I attribute this to Kundalini activation, a result of the specific Attunement method used. This lasted for about a month, during which I also experienced a very intense post-Attunement cleansing.

Knowing the Johrei* Reiki Symbols were different from the Usui Reiki Symbols initially caused me some consternation. However, the experience of, and results from, this Reiki were unquestionably real.

At the time, Mrs. Takata's grandaughter, Phyllis Furumoto - who was then considered the "Grand Master and Lineage-Bearer of Usui Reiki" - wrote to the effect that while there are a number of variations of the Reiki Symbols there is no problem: they all work equally well.

I was honored to give treatments to a numerous friends and others living with AIDS ... often with quickly-manifesting, nearly miraculous results. The most interesting phenomenon I repeatedly witnessed, was the rapid (in a matter of hours) disappearance of MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) skin infections.

A physician at San Francisco General Hospital also observed this, and asked me to give Reiki to a number of patients with that condition. Every patient I treated responded remarkably well.

In early 1995, I taught my first 2 1/2 day Johrei* Reiki class in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Due to my previous training and spiritual experience, I had modified the Reiki Master meditation to include a Vajrayana Buddhist guru-invocation Mantra. (I had long-previously been initiated by Babaji Hariakhan into the vedic ("Hindu") version of that Mantra.)

One of my students was Suzanne, who had previously received Master level empowerment in Usui Reiki.

Some months later, Suzanne called to tell me about a letter from the Johrei Fellowship, respectfully - but adamantly - requesting that Reiki practitioners discontinue using the tradmarked name Johrei in connection with Reiki.

That night, I had a vivid dream in which Mrs. Takata told me to change the name from Johrei* Reiki to Vajra Reiki ... a highly appropriate name, considering the energy and form of the "Master" Symbol (it is now simply called the Vajra Symbol.)

In April of 1996, I returned to Arkansas to conduct several different classes, including one 2 1/2 day class in Vajra Reiki. During my visit, Suzanne generously attuned me to both Usui and Karuna Reiki.

She and I discussed the nature of Vajra Reiki and agreed that our experiences with it proved it to be a specialized Reiki energy, which acts very strongly on catastophic and "emergency" disease processes.

During the class, Suzanne gave a brief lecture on Vajrayana Buddhism, as she felt there was a correlation between that spiritual system and Vajra Reiki. She also assisted me in the passing the Attunements - as she wanted to practice the procedure.

Concerned about the intense post Attunement symptoms and manifestations many students were experiencing, we used the Karuna Reiki Symbol Rama, in an effort to stabilize the Attunements, and alleviate the frequent unexpected Kundalini activation response.

(I also Attuned those students to the Rama Symbol, hoping to help them Ground the Attunements they would pass in the future.)

Within a few weeks of returning home, I was given a most remarkable gift ...

I was graced with the opportunity to be the one through whom Vajra Reiki would energetically expand, the Attunements would be stabilized, the and training of the Practitioners and Masters would be expanded and deepened.

This Unfolding manifested through Direct Guidance from Mrs. Takata, and resulted in expansive changes in nearly every aspect of Vajra Reiki.

This experience strongly confirms my personal understanding that Who We Really Are does not "die" when we leave our bodies.  Mrs. Takata is no longer embodied, yet she participated as my Vajra Reiki teacher throughout the Unfolding.

The page linked below describes the Unfolding.

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