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Vajra ReikiTM

'Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin'

   Vajra Reiki was born of an energy-
       frequency and system of Reiki
     which was known at one time as
                 "Johrei* Reiki" ...

In the early 1990s, Reiki began manifesting almost unimaginable growth and expansion in energy,  practice,  and empowerment Attunements.

Yet, paradoxically ...

    All Reiki is One Reiki

It is postulated that, as eco-destruction escalates exponentially, resulting in disease processes becoming increasingly sophisticated, Reiki has responded by revealing itself to be an spectrum of Healing energy.

As one of the distinct and substantial energetic frequency-facets of Reiki, Vajra Reiki has consistantly proven to be effective in the amelioration of highly virulent, and even catastrophic, dis-ease processes.

This website will present the evolution-history of Vajra Reiki from the inside ... from my personal experience-journey, as the conduit through whom it was fully revealed and evolved.

I offer the information on this website in response to the numerous well intentioned, yet often inaccurate, descriptions of Vajra Reiki ... as well as to document it's history.


* The Energetic Lineage of Vajra Reiki *

* Ryan's Retreat *

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* The Fine Print & Acknowledgments *

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