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Johrei is a Trademark owned by the
Johrei Fellowship.

Out of respect for the Fellowship and the Trademark, I have consistantly attached the symbol to the word when discussing the Johrei energy and Fellowship.

Because I must use the word in my discussion of the history of Vajra Reiki, I've chosen to attach a colored astrisk (*) to the word in such descriptions, to indicate the actually inappropriate - but historical - use of the word.

While joining the words Johrei and "Reiki" is never appropriate, the term was used at one time ... and in order to tell the entire history, I must termorarily combine the words into the term "Johrei* Reiki."

The terms Vajra ReikiTM and Vajra Raku-Kei ReikiTM are Trademarks owned by me, and can only be used by any other person or organization at my discretion.

These Trademarks are intended only to eliminate marketplace confusion.

(I have taken discretionary artistic liberty, and included the TM symbol only in the first instance of either phrase on each page of this website.)

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If you wish to use materials appearing on these pages,  please contact me.

- Acknowledgments -

I especially acknowledge the kindness of Mr. Ray Toba of the Johrei Fellowship for taking time to provide me with clear information regarding Johrei and the Fellowship.  Thanks also to James Deacon for the precise translation of Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin.

In many instances throughout this website, last names of participants in the Energetic Lineage and Unfolding of Vajra Reiki have been left out, to allow them the opportunity to distance themselves, if they so desire, because of the present political climate of the Reiki Marketplace.

I give Eternal Standing Ovations to those who have participated directly in the manifestation of Vajra Reiki...

Mikao Usui-sensei, Babaji Hariakhan, Iris Ishikuro, Arthur Robertston, James Davis, Kathleen, Joy & Laurie, Scott, Suzanne, Mary Alice, Candace Marie, Lorraine & Barry, the many students who received transitional training and Attunements ... and most especially the last of the Grand Reiki Masters, Mrs. Hawayo Takata.

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