- The Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin -

'Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin'

This beautiful emblem has been incorrectly entitled "Johrei" (or "White Light") since it was published in Kathleen Milner's 1994 book Reiki and other Rays of Touch Healing. That inaccuracy was repeated a year later, in Diane Stein's Essential Reiki.

According to James Deacon, the actual translation of the 5 kanji characters Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin is "Great Bright Light of the True God" or "Great Enlightenment of the True God." Ray Toba of the Johrei Fellowship interprets it as "Great God of Light."

Mrs. Takata made Iris Ishikuro a Reiki Master in 1979. Interestingly, she was the first Takata-trained Master to stop charging the traditional $10,000 fee for Reiki Master training.

Ishikuro later moved to San Jose, and became a member of the Johrei Fellowship. She obtained a copy of the Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin (probably on a scroll) - which was considered sacred by Fellowhip members.

I believe that, when she noticed the Dai Ko Myo portion of the emblem, Ishikuro assumed it had metaphysical correspondance to the Usui Master Symbol - which is made up of 3 of the 5 characters in the emblem - and felt it would be a great energetic adjunct to her Reiki practice & teachings.

It is known that Ishikuro hand-made copies of the Dai Ko Myo Shin Shin, and used these as a kind of "power symbol" in her Reiki teachings.

When I received my training in Johrei* Reiki, there were several copies of this emblem posted throughout the classroom.

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