- Regarding use of the word Johrei -

Johrei is a trademark owned by the Johrei Fellowship.

It is the Fellowship's contention that Johrei and Reiki have no connection.

I agree. Paradoxically, however, it is also my belief that Iris Ishikuro, both a Takata-made Reiki Master and a member of the Fellowship, metaphysically blended the two energies together by her conscious will.

This resulted in a new and uniquely different energy.

Ishikuro did not use the word Johrei in her Reiki practice.

Next in the energetic lineage of Vajra ReikiTM - Arthur Robertson, one of Ishikuro's Reiki Master students - also never used the word.  He coined, and used the term Raku Kei Reiki.

A student of Robertson's, James Davis, started the practice of combining the words Johrei and Reiki to describe the Reiki energy and system founded by Ishikuro, in an attempt to recover its roots, as he perceived them.

I believe Mr. Davis did so in good faith ... in innocent ignorance of the consternation and difficulties it would cause for the Johrei Fellowship.

Johrei is neither an appropriate, nor legally-used, word for Reiki.

Out of respect for the Fellowship and the Trademark, I have consistantly attached the symbol to the word when discussing the Johrei energy and Fellowship.

Because I must use the word in my discussion of the history of Vajra Reiki, I've chosen to attach a colored astrisk (*) to the word in such descriptions, to indicate the actually inappropriate - but historical - use of the word.

* Johrei is a trademark owned by the Johrei Fellowship *