- The Letter to Reiki Practitioners -
From the Johrei® Fellowship

Dear Reiki Master/Sensei:

For years we, the Johrei Fellowship, have had Reiki Masters and others with Reiki backgrounds express interest in Johrei. Many of the interested people actually become Johrei channels. However, generally speaking, very few people with Reiki backgrounds remain Johrei members for very long. We now believe that this happens because the goals of Johrei and the goals of Reiki are different.

The following is a general background of Johrei, Johrei Fellowship and a description of the relationship between Johrei and Reiki. Some points will be strongly stated to prevent any misunderstanding.

The International Johrei movement began in Japan by Mokichi Okada (aka Meishu-sama 1882-1955). God revealed to Okada that the creation of a Paradise on Earth, a world of truth, virtue and beauty would soon happen. Through revelations he learned that the cause of the three misfortunes of sickness, poverty and conflict was spiritual, and that the spiritual causes could gradually be eliminated by the channeling of JOHREI®.

So the goal of the International organization he created is the creation of a Paradise on Earth. Johrei is merely a tool to help in its creation. Although we have many miraculous "healings" through Johrei, our goal is not to heal. Becoming a member of the Johrei Fellowship means that person wants to serve (with no remuneration) in the creation a Paradise on Earth by selflessly helping other people. Our goal is not the creation of healers.

Some people may believe that a strong relationship between Johrei and Reiki exists. In spite of parallels, we believe Johrei and Reiki are fundamentally different. The Johrei Community has a set of clearly written Teachings and practices generally follow the written Teachings. Through the years it appears that the Reiki community is constantly changing with different terminology and beliefs, depending on the teacher...

Years back, the Johrei Fellowship legally trademarked the word Johrei." In recent years, several Reiki Masters used the word "Johrei" as part of their Reiki presentation (e.g. "Johrei Reiki") without permission. One can understand our concern, especially when you think about the differences between Johrei and Reiki.

It took much energy and money to stop the illegal usage. Although in each case letters are sent on a cordial and friendly basis, the majority of these people have reacted angrily and negatively. It is on the basis of our negative experiences that we ask Reiki Masters to seriously consider the reasons for your interest in Johrei Fellowship. We welcome and offer Johrei to everyone. If your interests are more than receiving Johrei, we encourage you to carefully consider the above. If you have further questions, we welcome you to contact us at the below address, phone number or e-mail address.

Ray Toba, Johrei® Fellowship
1971 W. 190th, Suite 280
Torrance, CA 90504
Ph. (310) 523-3840
Fax (310) 523-3843
Webpage: http://www.johreifellowship.com/