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- The Unfolding -

I was first guided by Mrs. Takata, in a dream, to change the name of this energy and system from Johrei* Reiki, to Vajra ReikiTM ...

A few months later, I was graced with the opportunity to be the conduit through whom the system and energy of Vajra Reiki expanded, and the Attunements stabilized.

By the time of the Unfolding, my contact with Takata was not limited to the dream state: she was now a consistant Presence in my awareness.

This may be - in large part - due to the fact that I had been taught to always call upon her for assistance when giving Reiki.

The Unfolding manifested over a period of one week.

What it looked like - from the outside - was me banging-away on the keyboard. What it felt like, was me being totally astonished at the clarity and spontaneous flow of thoughts, ideas, visions, and words - all coming from Mrs. Takata - and recorded through my typing fingers. It felt like a kind of "psychic download."

For clarity, all exact words received from Mrs. Takata are colored in blue.

- Regarding Symbol Secrecy -

I absolutely realize the issue of keeping of Reiki Symbols secret is a controversial topic, and is often considered "politically incorrect."

However, during the Unfolding, Mrs. Takata insisted that I respect her will in this matter in connection with Vajra Reiki. This is definately in keeping with Takata's philosophy about the Symbols.

I must abide by the vow I made to Takata - yet there are some little details I am allowed to divulge, as they can help (you) describe this Reiki to others.

- The Course of Instruction -

Takata made it very clear that making anyone a Reiki Master in two 1/2 days is not proper instruction. Neither is it good energy for the student or the Attuning Master.

Takata told me that, Vajra Reiki is very powerful and a little complicated, and requires careful attention to proper training. Students must also be given sufficient time to learn and adjust to this very powerful Reiki.

Through Mrs. Takata's intercession Vajra Reiki Instruction and Empowerment is now separated into three levels ...

Shokuden (Practitioner, comparable to Usui Reiki level II) - receiving four Symbols through three Attunements, students become fully-empowered Vajra Reiki Practitioners.

The Hand Positions - which cover the entire body - are taught, and students have a number of opportunities to experience giving & receiving Treatments to self & others, both in person and over distances.

During this course of instruction, students are also invested with the Vajra Guru mantra - with which they invoke and meet their Vajra Reiki Master during an experientially powerful meditation.

The Vajra Guru mantra is one of the only two elements of Vajrayana Buddhism in Vajra Reiki. The Sanskrit version of the Mantra is used.

There is no Shoden (comparable to Usui level I) level in Vajra Reiki. Because of the use of Symbols from the outset, students should be previously initiated into at least Usui Reiki level II ability, except in extraodinary circumstances.

Mrs. Takata is known to have required secrecy of the Reiki Symbols. Symbol Empowerment is necessary for Vajra Reiki Practitioners. However Takata did not want people who don't already have Reiki encouraged to jump over and become Vajra Reiki practitioners, simply because Symbols are given in the first course of instruction.

Naturally, when I first received the title Shokuden for this level, I questioned Takata. The traditional term for level I is Shoden - and the traditional term for level two is Okuden. Takata insisted the title Shokuden is correct. It took more than a month for me to realize Shokuden is a combination of the two "traditional" titles. Takata had coined a new term, to indicate that this first level of Vajra Reiki was comparable to the first two levels of Usui Reiki.

Shinpiden (Master Practitioner) - receiving one Attunement, students are empowered with the energetically exponentially-expanded Maha-Vajra Symbol. During this course of instruction, students are taught - and then permitted - to pass Shokuden Attunements.

'Om - Ah - Hum'

Students are also initiated into the Vajrayana Om - Ah - Hum mantra, which I received years ago, from Babaji Hariakhan.

Practiced as a visualzation meditation on a daily basis, this replaces the former "Master Exercise" which is similar to the Taoist "Deer Exercise."

Takata said there is no need to perform the former "Master Exercise." She said the Om-Ah-Hum meditation does a lot of good. It is the only other element of Vajrayana utilized in Vajra Reiki.

Students are required to practice at the Shinpiden level for at least one year before receiving the full Vajra Raku-Kei Reiki Mastership.

Mrs. Takata was adamant about this. Don't make (full Mastership) cheap ... too fast.

Vajra Raku-Kei ReikiTM Master (Full Mastership) - receiving one Attunement, students are empowered with the Param-Agni ("Ultimate Fire") Symbol ... which is used to exponentially-expand the Vajra Symbol into Maha-Vajra. During this course of instruction, students are taught - and then permitted - to pass the Shinpiden and Vajra Raku-kei Reiki Master Attunements.

Takata Attuned me to the Param-Agni Symbol. Envisioning it, I was astounded! It looks nearly identical to a Symbol that has been in circulation for years. However, it is actually 3-dimensional.

While I vowed to Mrs. Takata to maintain essential Symbol secrecy except in teaching Vajra Reiki, I can say that the popularly-known name for the Symbol is serendipitously appropriate.

- Vajra Reiki Polarity -

Despite Mrs. Takata's insistence on Symbol secrecy, I can reveal that two of the Vajra Reiki Symbols are reversed - and highly angled - versions of those associated with traditional Usui Reiki.

Contrary to most available descriptions of Vajra Reiki the Treatment recipient's body energy polarity is not reversed. The practitioner places the hands of opposite polarity on the recipient when giving a Treatment.

Takata instructed that the "reversed" Symbols, and the Vajra Reiki Hand Positions, act directly upon the newer, more virulent bacteria and viruses emerging in our environment, because their magnetricity is opposite yours.

Also, these new-emerging bacteria and viruses have sharp edges not like your round body and its cells. Everything living is round. When disease is constucted it has very sharp edges.

I suspect the confusion about reversing the recipient's polarity comes originally from Arthur Robertson's use of a "Master Generator Plate" in Raku Kei Reiki - which is said to so-reverse the recipient's polarity.  Also Robertson taught that the Hand Positions (as used in Raku Kei Reiki, Johrei Reiki and Vajra Reiki) reversed the recipient's polarity.

(I humbly thank Mrs. Takata for clearing up the confusion ...)

- The Attunements -

Takata carefully instructed me in altering the Vajra Reiki Attunement procedure - withdrawing certain elements, modifying some, and adding others.

These alterations have greatly simplified, grounded, and stabilized the Attunements, lowering the duration and intensity of the post Attunement cleansing and Kundalini symptoms previously experienced by a significant percentage of students.

Mrs. Takata changed the Fire-Dragon Breath, making the Attunements a much gentler experience for the student. She also removed the Robertson-invented "Water Ceremony" saying they do not need to drink the Symbols ... just pass them with your hands during the Attunements. Takata also informed me that it isn't good to spit in someone else's water. (A concern also expressed by Suzanne.)

The Raku-Kei concept of vertical and horizontal energy flow is now a factor of the way Symbols are passed to the student during Attunements.

Since the Unfolding, I have passed many Vajra Reiki Attunements of all levels. Those students and I have experienced only mild post-Attunement cleansing, with none of the Kundalini activation symptoms. Thank you very much, Mrs. Takata.

- In Conclusion -

I have nothing to sell to you.  For reasons of my own, I rarely teach, now ...

I tell the story here only to ensure that an accurate historical record of the energetic lineage and transformative Unfolding of Vajra Reiki is available.

I have given my best in describing what I can of the changes in, and details of, Vajra Reiki - as revealed to me by Mrs. Takata during the Unfolding.

To tell of the wondrously-inspiring sense of Great Adventure I experienced during that time is impossible within the limits of human language.

I can only place hands in Gassho, and bow in humble gratitude to Mrs. Takata. While I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person during her lifetime, she became - and remains - a dear-most friend, and one of my greatest Teachers.

Namaste ...
    (Vajra Raku-Kei Reiki Master)

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